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The New Writing / New Normal International Theatre Festival 2 – 4 October 2020

We are happy to announce the next New Writing / New Normal International Theatre Festival from 2 to 4 October 2020.

This event, based on the successful inaugural New Writing / New Normal Theatre Festival in July 2020, will expand its horizons to include more contributors from around the world.  

To that end, we are currently looking for actors, directors and playwrights based outside of the United Kingdom to be a part of the festival: Over a thirty-six hour period, new plays will be written, rehearsed and performed via a digital platform.  If you based outside of the UK and are interested in participating, please email us at HAHN@HOTMAIL.CO.UK with a CV and state if you would like to be considered as a director, playwright or actor for this festival.  We are also looking for one or more stage director.
All contributors will be paid via a profit-share of the box office.

Brief Outline of Event:
Friday – At the opening event for all participants, a single theme will be chosen at random from a range of topical themes submitted by the participants; based on that theme, the playwrights will create a play over the next 24 hours.  Production teams including a playwright, a director and actors will also be randomly selected.   From Friday, the playwright writes to the theme within the parameters of number of actors and Zoom rehearsal / performance. 

Saturday – Pieces are submitted to the directors and the rehearsal process begins.Sunday –  On Sunday afternoon, the pieces are premiered.  After the performance, we all head to the [virtual] pub.

The Rivonia Trial Audio Recording with John Kani & Jack Klaff

Today, the wonderful South African actors, John  Kani & Jack Klaff recorded over  Zoom powerful extracts from The Rivonia Trial Tribunal play.  This forms the very early stages of developing a full play:

Walter Sisulu:  ‘I wish you could live like us just for one day. Then you wouldn’t say how good things are for us. ‘

[Please note, racist language is used in this extract from the Rivonia Trial Tribunal Play]

And here is another audio extract from after we finished recording.  It gives the listener a bit of background and colour to the Rivonia Trial and its importance today.

For more information about the play and the R & D behind the play, please visit here.