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Tupumue / Let Us Breathe film for the SEAMHH Breath Symposium

Working with two Kenyan filmmakers, I recently directed a short film, Tupumue / Let Us Breathe film which is a rumination on breath and moments of dealing with breathing, inhaling and exhaling in the informal settlement of Mukuru, outside of Nairobi in Kenya [2020].

The film can be viewed here:


The soundtrack is the song Pumua Fiti Ishi Fiti (Live Well, Breathe Well) feat The Tupumue Music Crew and Lung Health Champions:



Celestine Osore 

Bob Orengo 

Rafat We Ni Chizii

Saleh Peris Angulu

Dennis Waweru Ngugi



Celestine Osore

Bob Orengo

Rafat We Ni Chizii

Saleh Peris Angulu 

Dennis Waweru Ngugi



The Tupumue study is looking at the lung health of children in two communities in Nairobi, Kenya.  For more information about the study, please visit


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