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(January 2017) ‘Ubuntu: sharing South Africa’, British Museum.  Directed and facilitated interactive Pop-up performances of my play, The Robben Island Shakespeare. 

(January 2017) ‘Memories of Mandela’, British Museum Lecture Theatre.  As a member of the panel which included John Battersby [co-author of ‘Mandela: A Life in Photographs’ (2011) and author of the afterword in ‘Mandela: the Authorised Biography’ by Anthony Sampson (2011)], Pumela Salela [Director, Brand South Africa], and John Carlin [journalist and author of ‘Playing the Enemy: Nelson Mandela and the Game that Made a Nation’], we discussed the impact Nelson Mandela has had on our private and professional lives.


 The Ethical Leadership Workshop Conference Paper based on The Robben Island Shakespeare play @ the Applying Shakespeare Symposium, The Shakespeare Institute

I was invited to present at the Applying Shakespeare Symposium at the Shakespeare Institute in Stratford-upon-Avon.  My presentation examined and detailed my work in ‘Ethical Leadership’ using the play, The Robben Island Shakespeare.

Through the words of William Shakespeare & former South African political prisoners, the aim of the workshop is to inspire the participants to create a pathway to ethical leadership.  The participants will analysis and speak selected Shakespearian texts and texts from the play, The Robben Island Shakespeare as well as create their own new pieces of writing on their views of ethical leadership.   One of the key aspects of the workshop is to examine the ability of Shakespeare & the former political prisoners to educate and spark debate around the subject of ethical leadership.  The purpose of the workshop is to come to a group definition of the practices of ethical leadership, briefly share some of Shakespeare’s lessons on Leadership, and offer some applications for leadership development.

Workshop Outcomes:

  • The participants will explore how the theme of leadership is portrayed and explored in a selection of Shakespeare’s plays and in interviews with a selection of former political prisoners from Robben Island.
  • The participants will examine the current situation of their own behaviour around leadership and of those currently in leadership roles.
  • The participants will make positive changes in their own behaviour around leadership.
  • The participants will create pieces of new writing with a focus on young people’s perceptions of ethical leadership.

From this conference, I have been asked to contribute an article to the ‘Critical Survey based on Applying Shakespeare’ based on the The Robben Island Shakespeare‘s ‘Ethical Leadership’ workshop.  

Other Conference Papers:

‘The Robben Island Bible’
Archive and Public Culture Research Initiative: Social Anthropology (University of Cape Town)
R & D of the play and the ‘Ethical Leadership’ Workshops.
‘Cultural Leadership’
Paper on ‘Cultural Leadership’ for the university’s young leadership programme. This paper examines how young people can develop leadership skills through the examination of the works of Shakespeare and past cultural and political leaders in South Africa.

‘Interactive Theatre’s Learning & Impact potential & practice’
Emerge and Exist – Shaping the Future Conference, Winchester University / Change Collective, London, UK.
Paper that examines how interactive theatre can impact learning through paticipatory approaches.

‘Applied Theatre strategies to changing behaviour & fighting HIV / Aids in Africa & in the UK,’
Theatre, HIV & Development Conference, St. Mary’s University College, London, UK.



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