Matthew Hahn

Theatre Director
Theatre for Development Facilitator

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Book Chapters

(2016) ‘Art Knows No Boundaries – Cross Cultural Bridge Building: Celebrating cultures and creating new ones’ in Applied Practice: Evidence and Impact in Theatre, Music and Art. (Bloomsbury Methuen)

‘Theatre for Development’
What is Reseach-led Teaching? Multi-disciplinary perspectives, eds. Alisa Miller, John Sharp, Jeremy Strong
(Consortium for Research Excellence Support & Training).

Refereed Journals: Articles

(2016) [article] Rehearsing for Life: Applied Theatre – a worthwhile pedagogical addition to those working and training in health and social care? Nurse Education Today.

(2016) [article] “Research, Development and Production History of The Robben Island Bible.” The African Performance Review.

‘Theatre for a Change in Malawi: Participatory approaches to Development’
[Journal of Applied Art & Health (Volume 2 Issue 3; January 2012). ISSN: 20402457]

‘South Africa, freedom and Shakespeare’
article on the impact of Shakespeare on the anti-apartheid movement and in today’s South Africa.

‘The Robben Island Bible’
AngloFiles, Journal of English Teaching [# 166 ISBN 1395-881X]

Research cited in the book, ‘Hamlet’s Dream’
David Schalkwyk, Director of Research & Editor, Shakespeare Quarterly , Folger Shakespeare Library[/fusion_text]




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