Matthew Hahn

Theatre Director
Theatre for Development Facilitator

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Interactive Theatre Workshop @ the University of West London

Since 2008, I have been co-facilitating interactive theatre workshops at the University of West London’s Leadership Strategies Modules to examine how to improve the patient experience in mental health for the department of Leadership, Midwifery, Substance Misuse and Healthcare Education. Having facilitated workshops in South & Eastern Africa and throughout the United Kingdom as a means to examine current behaviour and practice around a variety of topics. The common thread generally consists of two elements: a power imbalance (on an individual or social level) and a breakdown in communication (in a personal/ professional or social context). Interactive Theatre aims to try out different approaches/ behaviour changes in these areas (some practitioners refer to it as ‘rehearsing for life’). It has also been utilised to introduce positive behaviour changes in professional contexts where power dynamics may be proving inhibiting be it with patients, clients, family members, colleagues and management. The interactive theatre workshop enables participants to bring about changes in their behaviour not only through words and their content, but also through changes in their body, voice or use of space which may allow positive change to occur.  This results in a positive and fun way of transforming behaviour.



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