I am producing a virtual theatre festival, The Peacock Theatre Festival of Civil Liberties, as part of wider solidarity against any such authoritarian creep in the UK and abroad.  The name of the festival derives from the phrase that is used to describe the creep currently occurring in Hungary under Viktor Orban.  As he explains, the Peacock ‘Dance’ is his choreographed negotiations carefully executed which is intended to fool his counterparts across the table.His ‘dance’ posits that after removing 100% of our freedoms, gaining back 80% of these freedoms will feel like ‘normalcy’ with scant realisation that the goalpost have moved.

For the online festival, I am seeking new or previously produced work that addresses this or other such authoritarian creep from the past.  As part of the festival, I am co-facilitating a workshop at Monobox with actors that will explore this subject matter from a performer’s perspective.

Please be in touch if you would be interested in being involved in this project.