For Organisations:

Matthew has facilitated a number of drama workshops across London, the UK and parts of Africa. He can facilitate a variety of workshops utilizing interactive theatre techniques to explore behaviour change and communication.

 For Schools, Colleges & 6th Forms:

He can also run curriculum-based workshops for students on a wide range of topics including:

Forum Theatre / Augusto Boal

Physical Theatre / Ensemble / Visual Theatre

Epic Theatre

Stanislavski Method

Performance Workshop

Devising Theatre

Character Creation

Theatre Review Writing [in conjunction with a performance of your choice]

Verbatim / Documentary Evidence Theatre

Theatre for Development

Preparation for Audition / Audition Techniqe / Confidence in Auditions

Matthew can provide a variety of expertise in drama, employment & university subjects for students. He can also offer bespoke workshops based on set texts or specific themes / genres of theatre that will be explored by your students.