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The Ethical Leadership Workshop based on
The Robben Island Shakespeare

Through the words of William Shakespeare & former South African political prisoners, the aim of the workshop is to inspire the participants to create a pathway to ethical leadership.  The participants will analize and speak selected Shakespearian texts and texts from the play, The Robben Island Shakespeare as well as create their own new pieces of writing on their views of ethical leadership.   One of the key aspects of the workshop is to examine the ability of Shakespeare & the former political prisoners to educate and spark debate around the subject of ethical leadership.  The purpose of the workshop is to come to a group definition of the practices of ethical leadership, briefly share some of Shakespeare’s and the South African Liberation Leaders' lessons on Leadership, and offer some applications for leadership development.  


Workshop Outcomes:

  • The participants will explore how the theme of leadership is portrayed and explored in a selection of Shakespeare’s plays and in interviews with a selection of former political prisoners from Robben Island.

  • The participants will examine the current situation of their own behaviour around leadership and of those currently in leadership roles.

  • The participants will make positive changes in their own behaviour around leadership.

  • The participants will create pieces of new writing with a focus on young people’s perceptions of ethical leadership. 


For more information or if you would like the team to deliver workshops, please contact via the contact form.

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