Matthew Hahn

Theatre Director
Theatre for Development Facilitator

The New Writing / New Normal International Theatre Festival

The New Writing / New Normal International Theatre Festival is looking for playwrights, actors, directors & audiences for its quarterly 24 hour online new writing festival.

Beginning in July 2020 as a response to the closure of theatres and of shows, this festival was designed to help keep the creative juices flowing when everyone was unable to gather.  But the appeal of this festival lies in something more than substitution:  by being only 24 hours long and online, we have been able to source excellent creatives from across several continents.  It is an opportunity to work & network with an international group of participants – many of whom have become regular contributors.  The plays will be around 10 minutes in length for 3 to 5 actors:  a single festival play theme will be selected on Friday night along with the creative teams consisting of a playwright, a director and actors.  The festival is ‘Pay What You Want’ for tickets and a Box Office split profit share for the contributors.  If you would like to see our previous festivals, please visit our You Tube Page. 

The festival seeks to create a new genre of work that is fundamentally designed for and highlights the differences of this new medium by creatively stretching the limitations of video technology, which was built for business, not for the performing arts.

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