Theatre for a Change’s International Training Programme

Theatre for a Change’s International Training Programme


1. Sustainable Behaviour Change

Theatre for a Change is well known for its use of face to face behaviour change workshops to improve the sexual and reproductive health of groups including teachers, sex workers, the Police, the Army, children, and young people. The workshops encourage participants to actively identify and explore their own patterns of behaviour, and develop sustainable strategies to achieving the changes they wish to make.

This package would be suitable for organisations who wish to engage participants to in a more active, physical and experiential learning process that brings about long term changes, driven by individual needs.

2. Advocacy through Interactive and Legislative Theatre

Theatre for a Change empowers participants to tell their stories and change the attitudes of their peers, communities and decision makers through interactive and legislative theatre. This is a unique approach for promoting deeper empathy within the audience, encouraging the exploration of new behaviours that challenge traditional power hierarchies, and, in the case of legislative theatre, promoting specific policy and legislative changes.

This package would be of particular interest to organisations that are looking to use participant-led advocacy to catalyse change.

3. Advocacy through Interactive Radio

Theatre for a Change uses interactive radio to enable listeners to take part in a live drama focused on promoting behaviours that protect sexual and reproductive health and providing a platform for advocacy of sexual and gender rights. The radio is a cost-effective and sustainable approach for enabling the participation of large numbers of people. Theatre for a Change is the only organisation currently running an interactive drama over the radio. Interactive radio is particularly useful for organisations that are keen to go to scale in terms of reach and geography, and who wish to build on and strengthen the thematic areas of other projects they are running.

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