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The Folkestone Performing Arts Company

Updated: Jan 15

FPAC Ensemble – The Leech of Folkestone

Since May 2022, the FPAC Ensemble has been training to build an ensemble using Anne Bogart’s Viewpoints as a framework. In November, we began our first R & D project based on the short story, The Leech of Folkestone. The Leech is set in 17th century south east Kent. It was first published as a series in Bentley’s Miscellany in 1837 and remained popular throughout the Victorian era but is much less well known today. The Leech of Folkestone is perhaps the most famous of these legends and is a humorous story containing mediaeval folklore, comic and colourful characters, supernatural themes and beautiful, dramatic descriptions of the landscape surrounding Folkestone. It is a story very much rooted in Folkestone and the surrounding areas and has seemingly never been dramatised.

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